Ruby Roundup!

Explore a strange new world while earning treasure and trying to make a name for yourself but beware! So is everyone else and it's a race! Filled with awesome art, zany characters, and tons of quality pieces and replayability - Ruby Roundup! is a light bluffing game that's as easy to learn as it is fun to play!

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Look at all the cool stuff you get!!!
12 Oversized Character Cards
Large Beautiful Game Board
58 Unique Claim Cards
​Play on these to gain treasures and abilities! 
84 Player Cards
Use these to mess with your opponents! 
8 Win Condition Cards
Match the depicted treasure to win the game!
Over 400 Acrylic Gems!!!

First Player, Last Player, and Reminder Cards
First Player, Last Player, and Reminder cards

Full-Sized Color Rule Book
​With tips, fun facts, multiple game modes, and puzzles inside!

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