Set in medieval fantasy, The Boundless RPG is a point based system - meaning you kinda just buy whatever you like with the points you have instead of starting the game with default or limited choice abilities - but wait there's more! The customization in Boundless doesn't just apply to your skills and abilities, - your items and even races are interchangable as well! 

Race example: You could start the game as a human or an elf, but what if you wanted to be a half elf? Why stop at half elf - why not a half orc, or a half dwarf? Why just a half? Why not be an undead cyborg fairy? Or three types of elementals such as a boiling muck elemental (water + earth + fire elemental)? There are a ton of races in the Boundless RPG - and any character can start the game as a combination of any 3 of them!

Equipment example: Ho boy! Where do I start ? - you buy and enchant your equipment with abilities. Each item type has different abilities, and even the various attributes each item can have varys and can be purchased as you see fit. This allows for unmatched customization and versitility - making the different combinations of abilities, items, and races avaialble to be estimated in the billions. 


In 2003 we made the Boundless RPG - a silly little home brew that we played at our local game store. In 2008 it was posted on the Boundless RPG website, and now it is being updated for the general public.  You can find the new site here, which is being  reconstructed from the old site it previously occupied.